When we started out as graduates over a decade ago, we had the ambition, but lacked the tools needed to succeed.

There were unspoken rules, and ways of doing things that our degrees just did not prepare us for.

Working in companies like WeWork, Accenture, KPMG, and Amazon, we progressed from being graduates, to managing graduates. We saw the same issues that we struggled with negatively impacting the early careers in our team - not only hurting the business but also damaging the confidence of junior talent.

We decided to take what we learnt over our combined 12 years of experience, and create a programme that benefits both the business and the employee.

Why Kokoon?


‘Kookoontua’ is a Finnish word that means to gather together for a specific purpose. In English, ‘Cocoon’ is often used to describe a protective or sheltered environment. Merging these together is what we’re about at Kokoon. We want to create a safe place where inexperienced, junior employees can come together as a community, and have the opportunity to grow and develop together.

Meet the founders

Jack Convery
Alice Ivanoff