Take ownership
of your career.

Gain confidence and accelerate your growth by learning the skills you'll actually need.


The system is broken.

You’re meant to make the transition from school or university to the working world with little or no support. You’re meant to learn the unspoken rules. You’re meant to have skills you’ve never learnt. And you’re meant to figure it all out quickly and on your own.

You’re not the problem.

You might try and read a few articles on communication, or watch an online video on how to have a difficult conversation with a colleague. There are a million resources out there, but none of it is giving you the support you need.

And it’s costing you.

The old way of expecting you to just figure it out, causes lower confidence (imposter syndrome anyone?), poorer performance, and slows down your career progression.

Introducing the School of Work.
A new way of doing things.

The School of Work is a 3-month coaching programme designed for early careers, with weekly masterclasses, mentoring, office hours and a community of supportive peers. It’s everything we wish we’d known when we first started working.Expect to increase your confidence and performance in the workplace - from learning how to run great meetings, and engaging stakeholders to building your personal brand, and leveraging your superpowers. Get in the driver’s seat and own your career.




What you'll learn

Become a great communicator

This is where it all begins. We'll show you how to up your communication game. Expect to master the art of crafting concise emails, handling client meetings like a pro, and delivering killer presentations.

Solve any problem

Ever been stuck not knowing what to do? We've got practical tips to help you tackle any challenge that comes your way. Plus, we'll dive deep into how to use data to answer those complex questions.

Manage your time + work efficiently

We're laying the groundwork for project management, starting with the essentials. Learn how to juggle your tasks, prioritise your workload, handle multiple deadlines and stakeholders, and make those important decisions.

Drive your own career

Discover your strengths, identify areas for growth, and build resilience. We'll guide you in mapping out the steps to craft the career you've been dreaming of.


We’ll teach you everything we wish we’d known, but we also know that learning is a continuous journey. That's where our mentoring and coaching come in. We're dedicated to guiding you toward success while maintaining an open and supportive environment. 

Group mentoring

Join our group mentoring sessions where we tackle the questions that keep popping up. Not sure how to handle a tricky conversation or nail that client presentation? We've got your back, and together, we'll figure it out.

Office hours

Think of it as your one-on-one time. Get personalised support, ask for feedback, and get coaching tailored just for you.

Ongoing support

Got a quick question? Need feedback on an email? We're here for you, anytime, anywhere. Your success is our priority, and we're just a message away.


Tap into a community of peers who are navigating the same challenges as you through our dedicated early career Slack channel. Ask questions, get advice, and gain first-hand knowledge about other companies and industries. Start to build and expand your network, and develop relationships that will help shape your career.

School of Work Timeline

OCT 2023
Early enrolment opens
NOV 1st 2023
Early enrolment closes
‍General Enrolment opens
DEC 31st 2023
General enrolment closes
JAN 15th 2024
School of Work begins
Know how to host a productive meeting
Write great emails 
Learn how to stand out from others
Solve complex problems with data
Developing solution focused mindset 
Know how to prioritise multiple tasks
Deal with tricky stakeholders 
Building a personal brand 
Learn how to leverage your superpowers
Graduation and final wrap up 

Applications open

We are now accepting applications.

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