Kokoon Hotline 📞 How do I network as a junior employee?

It’s week two of the questions hotline, and this week we are tackling networking.
Did you know that you’re only 6 people away from Beyoncé? Or Richard Branson? Or Kylie Jenner?

According to the six degree of separation theory, all people are only six or fewer social connections away from each other.

So if you meet the right people and build good connections you could technically meet anyone in the world. That’s networking. And it’s not just useful if you want to meet Beyoncé, but it’s crucial for job searches, finding clients, launching businesses, securing speaking opportunities, and more.

Remember - “it’s not about what you know, but who you know”.

So, what is the best way to network and how do I approach these conversations as a junior employee?

The main way to network is to proactively go and meet new people. This can feel a bit scary, but there are many ways to do this in a simple way. So let’s dive in!

Four simple Networking techniques

  • Leverage your own background 🏸 to find potential networking opportunities. Are you part of any alumni groups, sports clubs, or communities centered around your passions? These can be excellent starting points for expanding your network.
  • Attending events 🤝 is another fantastic way to meet new people. Search platforms like Eventbrite or Meetup for gatherings that align with your interests and attend with the intention of making connections. Don't forget to add the people you meet on LinkedIn, reminding them of your encounter at the event.
  • Leverage LinkedIn 👩‍💻: look for individuals in roles you aspire to or industries you're interested in. Connect with them by crafting a genuine message, it can be as simple as “I came across your profile and would love to be [X role] in a few years like you, and thought it would be great to connect”.
  • If your workplace offers a mentorship scheme, make the most of it 🙋🏽‍♂️, your mentor might open doors for you or connect you to people you want to know.

The Dos and Don'ts of Networking
Building meaningful relationships takes time and effort. Focus on quality over quantity and avoid approaching networking with a transactional mindset. Instead of trying to get something from every interaction, aim to establish genuine connections by showing interest in others and offering support when possible. In communities, contribute by giving more than you take—offer advice and opinions to foster a reciprocal and beneficial relationship.

Authenticity is key
Above all, remember that networking is about authenticity and nurturing relationships. Be open to others reaching out to you and offer your support willingly. Networking is a two-way street, and when approached with genuine interest and authenticity, it can unlock a world of opportunities.

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