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We are kicking off with one of the most popular question we received:

How do I write an engaging email (one that gets me noticed) to a prospective employer or hiring manager? πŸ’‘

Basics first.
To create an email that stands out, focus on two critical components: the subject line and the body. The body should consist of an introduction, main content, call to action, and a signature. Start with the WHY – clearly state your purpose for reaching out.
If there is one thing to remember is be succint. Your email should not be longer than a phone screen (as most people will read on the go), sentences should be a one line max, and your email should be readable in under a minute. Recruiters get inundated with emails so brevity is key!

Now let’s talk about the content. When speaking with a prospective employer, the key is to be yourself. Showcase why you loved the role and why you'd be a perfect fit. Keep it concise by highlighting one or two relevant strengths from the job description. A recommended structure for your email would be:

  • Introduce the reason for your email
  • Provide a brief introduction to yourself, this can include your education, any notable experience, or a fun fact (have you been a customer of this company for example)
  • Explain why you are interested in the role and how you’d be a good fit using one or two key words from the job description
  • Close the email with an open invitation, such as "I hope you'll consider my application" or "I'm available for a call anytime next week to discuss further.” If you are emailing before applying for a role you could ask for a quick call to discuss.

Pro tips
πŸ“’ Use active voice and keep sentences to a maximum of one line.
πŸ‘Œ Eliminate unnecessary words and repetition to keep your email concise.
πŸ“© Craft a clear and specific subject line, such as "Follow up from interview - [Your Name]" or "Application for [Role] from [Your Name]."
πŸ“„ Add a link to your LinkedIn and attach your CV to make it easier for them to find information about you. You can also get creative and use a Loom recording to grab their attention.
🧐 Double-check your email for accuracy, recipients, and any attachments. Spelling mistakes are a big turn-off, so proofread thoroughly.

An email that got me noticed from the a Head of People πŸ‘‡

Hi [Name of the head of people]
I hope you don't mind me reaching out. I have applied to your position for [position] at [company], and wanted to send a note to reiterate my interest in the role.

A little bit about myself; I have spent the past 5 years working for large organisations Β (WeWork, Amazon) helping them create and scale new programs to support entrepreneurs.

This meant stakeholder alignment, pitching ideas and strategies, creating operational planning, OKRs and making sure teams were aligned.

I am now looking to move to a mission driven startup and take all my learnings to help them scale and prepare for future growth. I've used [the product] back in 2017 when it was just starting and loved the concept.

I hope you consider my application!
Wishing you all the best,
[Your name]

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